My wife and I were invited by a delightful couple (Shiv and Nora) today to lunch so Leah and I could learn some interesting things about India. The couple that invited us live in Victoria, Canada but Shiv originated from India and only came to Canada as a adult. They have since returned to India over 8 times so are expert in the country and culture.

It was a great conversation and I learned some very interesting things. The most important tip I think I got was about how to be cautious when selecting a driver in India. Apparently the driving is as crazy as the videos show. If it seems a person does not know how to drive, it means the actually DON’T know how to drive,  Despite the fact they are behind the wheel. I like the tip about not being afraid to be rude to the driver if your are every feeling unsafe. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this advice!

Also via Shiv I got a link ( Here ) to a number of potential things for me to see in the Gujrat state where the city of Jamnagar is located that I’ll be working in. I plan to check out how close these places are in case I can get out to see one or more of them on a weekend during my work assignment.

Once the assignment ends I’ll be meeting Leah and going on a 3 week once in a lifetime tour of both Northern India ( Golden Triangle ) And Southern India ( Kumarakom , Alleppey, Marari, Kochi )

Anyway – my departure is about 6 weeks away and I  can feel the excitement beginning to grow. My vaccinations are complete and I’m being to mentally pack things. This is going to be awesome adventure capped off with a fantastic vacation with the wife I love so much. 

Thanks again Shiv and Nora for and amazing lunch and the terrific information. I promise to take you out for a similar dinner when I return. I’m sure to have many stories to entertain you with, many more than I’ll ever be able to enter into this blog.