Just a quick note about the process I’m in to prepare for my CSC assignment in India. The team of IBM’ers (11 of us) that are coming together in August to undertake the projects in Jamnagar, India come from all over the world. Meeting so many different IBM’er from so many countries and cultures is in it’s own right very cool.

In advance of us getting on the ground in India and actually embarking on the projects we have been meeting via the world wide web and phone every Friday for the past 6 weeks. We have 6 more sessions to go so we are at the half way point in our preparation. It’s amazing to see how even phone calls and web meetings can help establish team dynamics and synergy even with people from very different backgrounds involved. I’m excited to say I’ll be working closely with at least some of the following people:

  • Elyse – USA
  • Emily -USA
  • Anton – Slovak Republic
  • Nina – Great Britain (London)
  • Gica – Czech Republic
  • Paula – Brazil
  • Claudia – Mexico
  • Peter – Germany
  • Katrin – Germany
  • Malcolm – Australia
  • And of course Keith – Canada

You are bound to see many of these names surface in future posts.

Anyway – the preparation work is going well. In addition to the weekly meeting there are are online assignments and material we all cover on a host of topics to better prepare us for our project in this strange new world that is India.

Anyway – 6 weeks down and 6 more to go. I can’t wait!