Just a quick post here in part to get me used to trying to post to this blog regularly. I’m going to try to force myself to get into the habit of posting since this whole regular blogging thing is brand new to me and I’m pretty sure this might be a difficult habit for me to form.  So the more I practice the more it might become a habit.

Anyway – just realizing many of you might know even the high level details on whats up for me. So…  here they are:

  1. The 11 people listed in the earlier blog entry and I are in a preparation phase for 6 more weeks before we get on our respective planes to go to the assignments.
  2. All 12 of us will fly in and arrive in Mumbai, India on or about Aug 9th. I think I arrive at 3am so I hope someone will met me at the airport. If not I’ll need to navigate the chaotic Indian streets to find our hotel for the night.
  3. On Aug 10 all 11 of us return to the airport and fly from Mumbai to Jamnagar, this is the city in which we will be doing our work assignments.
  4. We will be split  into three or four project teams (so 3 or 4 people on each) and we will be assigned to work on a specific project in Jamnagar. I should be learning about who is on these sub-team and what the specific project is in the next few weeks. This will allow me to do a bit more advance preparation
  5. We work on the project – it’s expected we might have some long hours since there is much work to do in a short time. Week one is mostly interviewing stakeholders and learning about the challenge, week 2 and 3 are developing solutions, and week 4 is about bringing everything we learn as well as our suggestions into a report that and final deliverables. In amoungst all this work I’m hoping I can get out on at least one of the weekends to see the local sights.
  6. Once the project wraps up (on Sept 8th), I’ll be flying back to Mumbai with everyone.  Then from there I’ll make my own way to New Delhi where I’ll connect with Leah for our India vacation tour.
  7. Later September (I think I fly back the day before my 50th birthday) we return home to the cool rain of Victoria, filled with memories and thoughts of an amazing place.

By the way, this weeks preparation assignment is to research and create a short preesentation on “Family Structures” in India.  I’ll be doing some web research on this but if anyone reading this can suggest links, or have personal insights on t his topic I would welcome any and all info. Feel free to comment here or write me at kmackenzie63@gmail.com.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more after my next Friday meeting with the team. Meanwhile I’ll work on my family structure assignment as well as chase to see what the status on our India Visa’s is. I sent them off to Vancouver last week, so hopefully will get them in the next couple of weeks. Clearly without the Visa this trip is not happening.