Good news, Leah and I just got our Visa. So the paperwork is now complete for the adventure!

Also, IBM has been able to secure an extra night stay in the Mumbai hotel at the start of the assignment so that I don’t have to worry too much about arriving at 3 am on Aug 9th and having no where to go for 12 hours.

Another good bit of news, a colleague I work with has been super nice to me and has purchased me something called a life straw. This is an amazing device that filters water. I’m pretty jazzed about it since with the heat of India I’m sure to need lots of re hydration. It seems in many places the water can be suspect so this is going to be of great help to me. So much so it has become the first thing I officially place in my suitcase as I begin my packing process.

Anyway, if your interested to learn more take a look at this ” Lifestraw

Thanks Lisa!

The preparations continue….