I had a great Canada Day long weekend and it was nice to have an extra day away form the desk to enjoy the sun. It also allowed me time to try to sort out what kind of Canadian gifts/souvenirs to take with me to India since it’s likely I’ll need to have a token to provide to the people I work for while in India. In the end I found some fun Canadian key chains left over from the Vancouver Olympics as well as some Maple leaf drink Coasters.

I think I’ll also take some small containers of Maple Syrup (Canada branded) but I’m slightly concerned in regards to weight restrictions I think I’ll have on my luggage when I’m on the domestic flight I need to take in India.Anyway – if anyone else has a good idea about small and in-expensive gifts to take please comment.

It’s exactly 5 weeks until I’m in the air and off for my adventure.

#ibmcsc india20