Yesterday I spend a bit of time connecting this blog up with my Facebook site, as well as getting it to publish to my twitter feed. So if you want to follow this information in other ways you should be able to get it that way too.

BTW my twitter account/name is kmackenzie63 if you want to follow that way.

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As to preparation all is going fine. I’m almost complete on my online preparation work, and tomorrow at the weekly meeting I think we will have an Indian doctor as a guest speaker to give us some information about health in India. It should be very interesting. Also – packing has begun and I got a good packing list from another CSC person so hopefully I wont forget anything. I think my biggest concern is the luggage weight restrictions I might have since it seems domestic flight on air India are 15KG. So I’ll need to pack much lighter than I intended for a trip of two months away.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any point, since I’m interesting in sharing about anything that my massive reader population 😉 might be interested in.


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