Just a couple of quick things to mention over the past few days:

1. On Friday I agreed to be the “Security SPOC” for the India 20 team. I was all excited to be more like “SPOCK” until I realized it’s got nothing to do with Star trek and it stands for “Single Point of Contact”.  Anyway, what this means is that amongst my other CSC duties I’ll have a role in helping to communicate security information between the team members and IBM Security. I’ll learn more about the specifics soon.  But meanwhile I’ll just be happy knowing I’m one step close to being aboard the USS Enterprise 🙂

2. Had a fun (but expensive) weekend shopping. I came to the conclusion that if I am to survive the heat of India I actually need to buy some good travel closes. leah helped out (thanks) so that I only made good style choices.

I got a number of great things that should make the trip even more enjoyable. These included a couple very nice long-sleeve cool shirts, a Gortex rain-proof jacket (it is Monsoon season), a great hat, and…  underwear. Yes… I said new underwear!  In my discussion with seasoned travelers the underwear is perhaps the most recommended item. Apparently they are super handy in that you can wash out and they dry in under one night.  This might come in very handy spending on how how hot I might get, and how the washing situation goes set up.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Preparations continue… Hopefully by end of week I’ll be able to post more specifics as the actual assignment and organization I’ll be working for.