WOW! I just heard the amazing news that I will be working with Peter (from Germany) and Emily (from USA) to assist this amazing organization. If you want to learn more about it click here.  

At this point it looks like we will be working to help craft a strategic plan for the expansion of the organization so that we can expand the number of people the organization can help.

It will be awesome to help out since this organization seems to do so much to offer people living in the slums access to education that I’m sure is of huge benefit to them.

A quick synopsis of the mission of the organization is:

Mission, brief description, and history.

  • Chaitanya Charitable Trust (CCT) is a voluntary non-governmental, apolitical, and non-commercial organization. Its main focus is the slum population in Jamnagar, particularly children’s’ education. However, Chaitanya also works in environment, health, water & sanitation, livelihoods, women empowerment, and slum development.
  •  Chaitanya was started after a time of personal tragedy for the founders, Hitesh and Kajal Pandya. They closed their business and established Chaitanya, originally with education, health, and livelihood goals as the main focus of the organization. They established an early childhood center, created a free health clinic, and organized livelihood skills classes for women’s livelihoods in one area of a slum. The program was a success and now, Chaitanya works in other slums in Jamnagar.
  •  Chaitanya has an office, and on the same premises, an educational hall, library, clinic, computer lab, and training hall that are all part of the resources for the children participating in chaitanya’s programs. The organization’s funds come from local donors, builders, and other people who support their work. They are also registered under the Foreign Currency Registration Act (FCRA), which allows them to receive foreign currency donations. Chaitanya has a staff of 15 people and is currently working in three Jamnagar slums.”

On Friday I’ll get more information about the organization and project, but it seems to be exactly what I was hoping for.

Super exciting. Wish me luck as I start even more preparations before my departure on Aug 7th.