It’s been a interesting past couple of days of continued prepataion and learning so wanted to leave a quick post to let you know about a few of the highlights. As you saw in my last post I’ll be working for CCT in the city of Jamnager. The other IBM’ers and I have been split into three project. Emily, Peter and I will be on the CCT project and our principal goal will be to formulate and deliver a strategic plan for the growth of the organizational Happy Children Centers from 3 locations/slums to 60! Seems like an big and exciting challenge and I’m sure there are many aspects of this we will be delving into, not the least of which is the funding model to drive such growth. 

Three of the other IBM’ers will be working on a agricultural related project, working to help develop planning for and members hip regional farmers organization that will help promote the business elements of agriculture in the region for the farmers.

Finally, there will be a team of 4 working in the more traditional school system assessing how to improve the quality of English language instruction.

All three projects are awesome, but I’m particularly please with mine 🙂

The directors for the client we are working for, Hitesh and Kajal, have already reached out and sent some introduction video and Peter and I have recorded and sent back a quick introduction video for each of ourselves. Next week Emily and I will meet with Hitesh on the phone (or Skype) and go over the statement of work to learn even more about the project so we can formulate ideas on how to proceed, even in advance of getting on the airplanes.

Including a couple video links here that will be on interest. One shows the school yard at the main facility we will be working form, and the other is the office area where ewe will be working. Thankfully looks like it has Air Condition and and FAN!!!!

School Yard Video    Office Space Video

Also including a picture of Hitesh and Kajal here – there are the two directors we will be working with/for.

Hitesh and Kajal

Hopefully someone is finding these posts interesting. But iif for no better reason than the document this experience blogging seems to be a good thing to do.

Watch for more posts next week. This weekend I’m going to be very busy entertaining some French visitors and showing then the beautiful sights of Victoria.


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