Introducing Team CCT ( Chaitanya Charitable Trust ) – IBM CSC – India20


Only a few weeks before we hop on the plane and things are heating up! I have two more preparation meetings left and only three weeks before I depart. The past week has been good in that I got to exchange recorded welcome video’s with my team (Peter and Emily) and the Director of the CCT organization – Hitesh Pandya. Having this video exchange was excellent. 

Now Emily and I are trying to arrange a first phone call with Hitesh to occur early next week, but email and timezone have been a bit problematic so actually we don’t yet have this finalized. It would be great to have a first conversion with him, but of course the real work starts when we get onsite.

Otherwise had a great call with the in CSC in country contacts we will be working with Kabi and Shruti. They were very good at answering the questions Emily and I had about he project and also the logistics. It turns out we will be staying in a very nice hotel in Jamnager, with most modern conveniences so I’m happy about that. Also confirmed that Shruti will be meeting us in Mumbai when we each arrive and getting us to the hotel. And then the next day flying with us to Jamnager where we will meet Kabi. So seems like we are in very good hands. My initial fears about the potential to be wandering around India lost are clearly unfounded.

We ave been warned about internet reliability so we wil have to hope thats good too. If the blog postings stop after Aug 6th you will know what happened.

Today on the preparation call we learned more about the way in which IBM measures the value the CSC program is offering to the clients. We got some important instructions on how to take a baseline survey/measurements of the impact of the project as we complete it. Importantly IBM seems to do a good job following up in a measurable way 18 months and 24 months after the project. It’s great to hear so that we can all understand the lasting impact (hopefully) our efforts might have had. 

Anyway – that’s all the update for now. This weekend I need to do more packing and some last smaller stuff organized/purchased – medical kit, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, etc. Not sure how the heck I’m going to get my luggage won to the 15KG checked luggage and 8KG carry on limit. But that’s a puzzle for tomorrow. 

Hope someone out there is reading this and getting some value from it. Have a great weekend.