In my continued quest to fully prepare myself for India I accomplished a few things today: 

1. Ordered a starter quantity of Rupees from the bank to cover me for at least the first few days in India should I not be able to get to a bank right away. The bank person I worked with was very enthusiastic because he loves how the currency looks. I do too. But hey, I’m used to cool looking multicolored Canadian money. 

2. Confirmed that my Credit and Bank (Interact / Cirrus / Maestro) card should work just fine in India. Which is GREAT news. Sadly the withdrawal costs are significant but I think it will still it will be the primary way I get cash regularly cause I’m not keen on carrying around big wads of money with me ( call me crazy ). That said from all I’ve learned I know it’s a cash, not plastic economy. 

3. I confirmed with my credit card company and bank the dates that I’ll be away – so they don’t “shut me down” when they see my wild spending transactions in India. Usually I forget this step when I travel.

4. Booked my last flight – the one I need to get form Mumbai to New Delhi at the end of the assignment so I can meet up with my wife for the  vacation following the amazing CSC adventure. I’m really looking forward to this part of the adventure as well. We will be touring both North and South India. The only thing better than an adventure on your own is a shared adventure with the person you love. 

5. Had a instant message session with Nina, a fellow India20 team member. She was asking me taking mosquito netting (or not). I’m not taking any since I have Malaria medication and mosquito repellent. Also I think the hotel we will be in is pretty nice so maybe it won’t be a big deal.  Also my luggage weight restriction is just too low (15Kg limit). Anyway, seems like Nina will be doing the same as me. Hope it turns out I did not steer her wrong with my advice. 

Anyway – some good progress. Just a few more loose ends to tidy up. 


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