Even in a company like IBM, with 400,000+ employees it turns out that it’s a very small world. Today I heard from Kristen, a colleague I work with that she has been accepted to the CSC program too and is awaiting assignment sometime in the next year. I’m very excited since hopefully I can come back from my experience and give her some type of valuable insights.

Also, I know that Elyse who is also on the India20 team is part of the IBM Expertise project that is a sister project to the CCH project I’m leading. So it’s interesting to see how CSC can bring together people in new ways and in so doing we can discover linkages and relationships we might otherwise not have made even when working on similar goals.

In terms of my final preparation work it’s in full gear since I’m only a few days away from departure. My main goal at work has been to finish up all of the work in progress I can, as well as determine how best to allocate the day to day duties I have to my team so everything can proceed forward in my absence. I’m eternally grateful to Raj and Allison for agreeing to cover for me while I’m gone. I really owe you both.

CCT Project wise I’ve started to craft a project plan skeleton for our work in India. AS I do it becomes apparently how much need to be accomplished in such a short period of time. We will be VERY busy. Soon, I’ll share this draft with my team-mates (Peter and Emily) since I’m sure this is a team approach we need to agree on shortly after we get together in India.

Anyway – I will keep posting as I can. Hopefully this blog will become more interesting once arrive in Mumbai and Jamnager. Just the adventure of the marathon flight to get there might be a story in it’s own right.


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