I wanted to start this post by introducing you to the new Rickshaw driver friend made today! We had a great time driving fast in the streets and laughing together. Picture here:  Image

We met him when we hailed a Rickshaw to return back form the LoKhota Fort / Lake area ( Click here ) which is an attraction in Jamnagar.

 After we toured the area some of the team wanted to go to the supermarket but Paula, Shruti, Kabi and I wanted to head straight back the hotel. So…. We hailed a passing Auto Rickshaw. But… the challenge is it’s a big Rickshaw. But in true Indian form that I’m getting used to we decided just to go with it. The three ladies fit nicely in the back, with no space to spare, and I’m encouraged by all to ride up front with the driver…. Which would have been fine except for the fact there was really only space for one in the front. I think others on the team might have gotten some good photos of me trapped in this predicament. I was barely able to get perched on the very edge of the seat and clasp onto the side of the vehicle before we were off; first lurching along and then speeding at what seemed to me be an alarming clip, especially given the precarious way I was hanging onto the machine.  And to make the matters even more interesting it was about the time the diver dodged the second cow in the street going near full speed that the driver began howling with laughter and repeating something. Later I learned from Shruti he was saying “I’m having a good time” over and over again.

 When we mercifully reached the hotel he seemed to be a pinnacle of joy. Screeching to a stop he insisted we all gather around and so we could get group photos with him. First on my camera and then in his cell phone, presumably so that later he can show the proof of this strange encounter with the Red headed foreigner and his family.  

 His happiness about all this was clearly evident and he hugged me many times – personal space clearly is different in India – and even pinched my cheek – more than a few times. Apparently he found my hair colour amazing.

 To top it off he insisted on family photos too. He must have thought we were a family because he called Kabi “Mother” and even patted Paula on the head as if she was one of the daughters in the family. Of course we all found this hysterical and were laughing so hard it made our sides hurt. It was certainly the most fun of the day.

 What I’m learning quickly that India is full of amazing people that are very curious and good natured with a great sense of humor.

The lake and Fort itself was interesting but also close by we visited a temple where there has been continuous prayer chanting for 50 years. Apparently this is very important this chanting never ceases, so much so that it continued on even during the 2001 earthquake and then later a cyclone that hit the area. To watch the chanting and read more information about it Click here       

 Anyway – I’m back in the hotel recovering from the on-sought of sights, sounds and new ideas that is India. I think we might go out again for dinner and perhaps more walks in the market in the evening, which seems to never slow down even after dark. Who know what more sights I’ll see and what additional new friends I might make!

 Tomorrow the work part of the CSC adventure begins as we meet our clients and begin to work on the project.

 Of course I’ll be posting more on that later. Until then, signing off.