In an earlier comment my daughter made she asked me about the history of the hotel and I promised to post some more about it. So here goes…

Fortunately Girish, the main person at the hotel and the person that will be taking over from Kabi and Shruti when they have to leave Jamnagaer at the end of the week was able to tell us some background.

Girish told us the story of this but also pointed us to a  interesting site that has all sorts of Indian history on it. For those that in inclined to read alot interesting histories and personal stories (my father), see the Indian Memory Project.

Anyway, the hotel itself was in 1969, but the building was created over 75 years ago. The story around it and the land it is on is interesting.

There has been a set of Kings that have over the years ruled the Jamnager area. In the early 1930’s the King at that time liked to go to Lake Lakota Lake each day on an outing. When he was there he met a very poor boy that took a great interest in the ring he was wearing, which was very expensive. The king wondered what the boy liked about the ring, so he decided test the boy to see how what would happen when he returned wearing a different ring. The next day the King returned wearing a different ring that was still very wonderful but to a jeweler was clearly inferior. The King asked the boy – “Do you like this second ring” and the boy was sharp enough to say not as much, abut also precisely and correctly why.

The King was impressed by the boy’s ability to spot where true quality was and was not so he decided to mentor the boy. The boy was sent away to Antwerp to study gems and became very educated and famous. In about 1965 when he returned to Jamnager as a grown man the King was so pleased he decided to give the land the hotel is located on to the Boys family along with a good measure of financial resources, and on the land a great estate house (28 rooms, sweeping star-cases, ballroom) was built.

For reasons I can’t quite remember, In 1965 the boy and his family were forced to leave Jamnager and at that time the house was returned to the King. In 1969 the King decided to sell the house to a new set of owners who were interested in making a grand hotel in the area. Between 1969 and 1971 extensive renovations we done to retrofit the building to a hotel and in 1971 the hotel opened. Since that day is has become an important landmark in Jamnager.

For more about the hotel facilities themselves click here.  For some nice hotel pictures see here.

SO… for those of you that care, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about my home away from home for a month.

To everyone reading please continue to comment so I can answer any questions you might have. This one encouraged me to learn much more that I would have otherwise known.

Next post to come will be more about the project since I’ve we have met the client  (yesterday) and today we go to start my work at their facility in the slums. The good news is I get to commute there by Auto Rickshaw ever day! It’s become a joke in the team that I like riding in them so much I might end up staying here and taking on a new profession. They sure seem reasonably priced! 🙂

Signing off for now.