Went for a walk  this morning with Katrin. She wanted to do a morning Jog at the grounds of the local Ayurved medical university and need a buddy for the buddy system we like to use here. This seemed like a great excuse to see a few more things and take some pictures.

As you can see the building is most interesting and in the in-field there were some boys playing cricket. I guess they don’t have schools today since this is Independence day in India.


The air was very humid and it was pretty hot, but is was great to explore the university grounds and wonderful to see such unique sights half a world away from home.

Here is one more image that includes the whole building in the frame. I will have hundreds (perhaps thousands) to more pictures of all manner of sighrs to boar people with when I get home:


Work wise things went very well yesterday. I have been better able to digest what I saw on day one. It seems to have given me even more interest in the project and passion for helping Hitesh and Kajal and their very worthy efforts. It’s become clear where I plan to donate a portion of my annual charity allotment in the future.

I found out yesterday CCT already has an extra room in their facility that is not being used for teaching due to funding issues. Seems like if they were able to get just $1000 more funding a year they could hire two teachers and run a whole additional class! So there is a really fast an low risk way to get more students looked after if only there was the $. Which is of course a good part of what our project is about, looking for ways to best seek additional funding and make people aware to what CCT does and teh huge impact just a few $ would have on the people in the Slums.

We have made remarkable progress on the project and had an excellent day day of interaction with Hitesh and Kajal. They are such warm and open people. And VERY smart and willing to consider new ideas. We literally got down on the floor (on  our hands and knees) yesterday and on a map “Mapped” out their growth strategy/priorities.
It was great progress and was a really element to agreeded on. It will help us drive the kind of recommendations we make.
Working with Emily and Peter has been terrific and each is highly skilled in their specialties. It been wonderful working closely with them. Peter already has a number of website improvement ideas and Emily has financial models, spreadsheet models and what-if analysis underway!
I dont think I’ve said much about food here yet, but in summary it is GOOD. I am surprised by how well I am to tolerate the spice. Someone the team find it a bit too spicy but I’m loving it. My only small complaint is the food in this part of INdia is almost entirely Vegetarian. As Leah will attest I’m typically a “Meat-a-vore”. But the quality of the vegetarian food certainly makes up for the lack of meat.
Starting this Friday Kajal will begin to cook lunches for us at the center. These past few days she has been occupied with family matters so we have been going to a local restaurant which has been excellent, but getting the an authentic home cooked indian meal, in India is something I’m really looking forward to and likely wont get to do again after I leave here.

Anyway – sorry for this longer post but each day there is so much that happens and so much to document. I’ll post again once I have some interesting pictures or stories from the Independence day celebrations at the school.

My best wishes to all back home.