Independence for India came in 1947. It is a day the Indians celebrate proudly and on the anniversary there is celebrations events, flag raising and singing. More info on Indian independence and history here.

Since it was a national holiday, the CCT team had the day off. So instead of going to the schools in the morning we worked in the hotel and further firmed up our approach to the project, creating a draft project plan, working on the financial modeling, documenting the map work we did the other day and just generally getting into the next level of detail on everything.

In the afternoon we attended Independence day celebrations at the school where we sat with over 100 excited children in the classroom as each group took turns either singing or dancing. The quality of the performances were remarkably high and later I found out they had be practicing for about an hour per day for the past 6 weeks. The girls were dressed in elaborate and very beautiful outfits and clearly there had been much preparation for this event. One of the other teams, specifically the one working to the Essar project to improve the quality of English education in the government schools went to an Essar company flag raising celebration and also can to “our” event in the school in the afternoon. Katrin did a good job of documenting both sets of events, including pictures,  so I’m including a link to her blog entry here: Fun on Independence day.  Also Nina’s too

Today we are off to the school for a “regular” day of work. Kajal is going to cook lunch for us so I’m interested in experiencing a home cooked Indian meal. Also I hoe we can visit the final Happy Children Center (the second open air one) that we have not had time yet to visit.

It’s Friday today and I’m still trying to figure out my plans for the weekend. I hope to go to the market on Saturday with Emily and Kajal. But on Sunday I have a free day so maybe I’ll see if I can get a permit to go to the nearby bird sanctuary and take my camera with my bigger lens. I’m sure there are some amazing birds I wont have another opportunity to photograph.

Anyway, stay tuned for more posts. Everyone in Canada is asleep right now, but when you wake up Happy Friday to you.