It’s Saturday morning for me and I’ve have a full work week in Jamnager and what a week it has been. It has been amazing the things I’ve seen and done in such a short time. This is truly an amazing country. The people are so friendly and the sights and culture is so different from home. Working in the Slums (especially the ragpicker one) has made me so appreciative for what I have. But I’m also amazed at how joyful and easygoing everyone is. And of course I have been impacted by meeting Kajal and Hitesh, two very amazing and inspirational people.

I’m including just a few of my pictures here from the week that I like. This morning I’m off with the Essar team to the market to, and then tonight I go out to the market again with the Chitanya team. I’ll do additional posts later on this and perhaps post a short video of a walk in the market.

DSC_7870 DSC_7880 DSC_7885 DSC_7917 DSC_7919 DSC_8027_021

DSC_7773 DSC_7856 DSC_7915 DSC_7918

Will post more later. Best wishes to all back home.