It’s been a busy weekend so my apologies to all for not posting yesterday. The internet is a bit challenged here so each time I sat down to do it the technical issues prevented me. I have tried to upload a Video I took in the morning market that captures the sounds and sights pretty well, but the Internet has not been co-operative so anyone interested please remind me when I return home. Here is a couple still images: 




Yesterday afternoon I went out again to another market with Hitesh, Kajal, Emily, Peter and also the Sava team Anton, Claudia and Malcolm. The purpose of the trip was so Kajal could help the ladies pick out some traditional clothing at the market. Also when I was there I saw LOTS of fabric shops with wonderful designs and colors. Sorry Mom it’s too hard for me to pack it home.

 At the dress store we were confronted with an array of options. I originally intended to get one for Leah but once I heard the process I decided to wait and do it when she comes to India. The outfits (top, pants, and matching scarf) are basically sold as a one size fits all. You pick which one you want from a huge variety of beautiful styles, fabrics and designs and then you are whisked upstairs where a tailor that can’t speak any English measures every part of you so they can make it perfectly fit you.


Based on the number and complexity of the measurements needed it became clear to me that the guessing everything right so the end product would fit Leah was VERY small.  

 After the dress event Hitesh and Kajal took use to See Ram Dairy (picture here) to have some of the best Ice Cream Jamnager has to offer. Claudia who seems to be an Ice Cream fanatic loved it, and I must admit that I found the Strawberry/Chocolate desert I had very enjoyable.


This morning we went on an outing to the Khijadiya Bird sanctuary. I was very interested to see it so Garish kindly arranged a van for us as well as the special permits to allow us in. It was an interesting trip and very beautiful. The temperature was cool and there was a nice breeze so for the first time I did not feel the humidity in India. Unfortunately there were not a huge number of birds since all the migratory exotic birds were away in their home country. Apparently the time to see them is in December but I won’t be back then, so it was nice to see the storks we did happen upon. Thank gosh I brought a telephoto lens for the camera!

 The other cool think we saw was a giant bug. I was quite enthralled with it and took many pictures. I’ve joked we should make it the official mascot of the India20 team but I’m not sure if the others are in agreement with me.  

After the bird sanctuary we headed north to the ocean and spent a few moments at the Arabian sea. I had to wade in so I could say I did.  A few of us also got a ride on a boat too. It was great fun. 

Now back in the hotel for a bit of a workout in the Gym and then off to an Indian Cinema tonight. It should be interesting. I’m told the movies are all three hours long and include an intermission. Hopefully there will be English sub-titles. Time will tell.

 We are being looked after very well by Girish and as you can tell I’m taking advantage of all the new experiences. Next weekend we might go to the Birthplace of Ghandi, which would be very cool!

 Tomorrow it’s off to CCT again to resume the project. Lots to do and time is starting to shrink.

 Signing off for now. best wished to all,