It’s the Friday night, the end of week two and midpoint on my IBM CSC India experience. It was a good week . We made lots of progress on the project an have an initial structure for the final report worked out. Next week we need to get into full reportwriting mode.

Importantly we have allso made good headway on some practical things we cna complete before leaving to help CCT in addition to “just” providing them recommendations.

On the partnership development side of things we have been able to connect them to a few local like-minded organizations that should be able to start to provide them ideas and references that may in the end attract some more funds. Emily has complete much of the financial modeling for organization sustainment and growth and also has put in place a series of operational processes and templates to hep provide some tracking rigor to the organization. In addition she and I have grinding away searching for good candidates to partner up with, as well as preparing proposal templates to ask for money, writing newsletters and producing various content to help promote the visibility of CCT others. I’m very thankful I got the good fortune of having Emily and Peter, two outstandingly capable IBM’ers on my team. Peter has been remarkable has revamped all of their social media communication approaches, and is well into providing recommendations and modernization for their website. Most importantly we will very soon have Paypal hooked up to their webstie making it much more possible for interested donors to send them money with limited hassle. Clearly this is a must in today’s world where a host of other worthy charities are also competing for a relatively fixed amount of charity money available in the western world.

Today we also had the Sava team (another of the IBM teams working on assignment here) visit our project. It was great since it gave us another chance to get out of our hot room where we work and get back into the Slums to see the children. First we visited with the children in the center classrooms, like we do most days. Including a rare picture of me and the kids just to prove I was actual here:








After that however we got to go out and visit both open field classroom in the Ragpickers and Beggars Slum. I’m including a number of pictures of that area here since to date I have not posted any of these. They clearly show the classroom conditions in these slum are worse than at the center. This is something our recommendations are making a priority to correct; funding and donations willing.

DSC_8562 DSC_8580 DSC_8586DSC_8594 DSC_8608 DSC_8600


Children at play





Fetching wood






Outside the tarp





Open air class 1






Local Girls








An elderly onlooker






DSC_8642 DSC_8647

Kids rightly spotting all the countries of the strangers: Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Australia.




Kajal reminds the class of hte need to study had and learn English so they can one day come and visit our home countries.




Tomorrow I get up early since 6 of us are going on a road trip south. I’m slightly guilty I wont be staying here to work but I really want to experience as much of India as possible before my time here runs out. We will be going to Diu, a town in the south of Gujarat that has Portuguese history. As well we likely will be able to visit Gandhi’s birthplace, which I think is pretty cool.

While away I’ll be taking lots of pictures of course but will be offline in terms of posting, so likely wont have any new info up until your Sunday. Otherwise, hopefully these blogs and images are giving you something of a sense of the amazing experience I’m on.

Best wishes to all back home.