The team and I are working hard to complete the report over this weekend so then we can prepare an summary presentation based on the report and then present to the client on Wednesday. Lots still to do so we will be working hard.

Also I’m feverishly trying to reach out to as many funding and grant giving organizations as possible to at least initiate a dialog / start the paperwork with them. Sadly given lead times none of them are likely to come to close before we leave (which I know i what our client would love) but we can only do so much. At least we will have a number of them started for him to continue with once we are gone.

On the plus side Peter has the new Facebook page going, see here (and like it) and a brand new website created and operational see here. I like my picture of the teacher at the blackboard Peter used.

Now Peter is helping to setup mailing lists and processes so it’s easier for Hitesh to send out the monthly newsletter/update we have crafted for him. So in general the technical stuff humming along. Only thing that’s still frustrating is that despite all attempts we still don’ have Paypal hooked up to the website. Frustratingly they need all sort of paperwork that is very difficult to get here in India.

My apologies to all that I have not taken any pictures lately so just including an “old” one here.


Hope all is well back home. I hear it’s very rainy! Not so here, Monsoon seems to be over and it’s been dry, just in time for my vacation to start :-).

My best to all.