Paypal Success!

Great news – we have finally cleared all the paperwork blockers and the new website Peter implemented now has Paypal functionality so people can donate much more easily! I’m hopeful this alone will yield some real benefit since the world is online now and making it easier to support Chaitanya was a must.

Report wise we are on track to meet the objective of or statement of work and the report and presentation are in the final stretch. Emily did a great job making headway on the report today, and Peter and I we able to get most of the presentation done. Now we are going though the normal (and painful) review, correct, improve cycle. With some more hours of work tomorrow we should be ready for printing on Tuesday morning and presentation on Wednesday. 

Also on the plus side we were able to secure a meeting between Chaitanya and the Essar CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) leader in Jamnagar for Tuesday to see what synergies might exist. It will be interesting what might come out of that.

Anyway,  just 3 working days to go. Wish us luck.

Including a picture of my new friends (Left to right: Malcolm, Peter, Keith, Claudia). Out on one of our many rickshaw rides. Lots of fun.