Just got back form a good meeting we had between the Chaitanya founders and the leaders for the Essar Foundation in Jamnagar. We seemed to hit upon a pretty good idea. Essar wants to encourage it’s employees to volunteer more. But many of them live in Jamnagar, too far away from the Essar villages to easily volunteer on a regular basis. So the idea is to try to partner so that Essar employees in Jamnager could volunteer at Chaitanya. This should help Chaitanya with additional resources, drive up awareness about Chaitanya with Essar workers, and assist Essar Foundation in it’s goal to enable and encourage volunteerism. Best of all it begins to develop a relationship that in the end can only be beneficial to both parties. So I think this was very positive. 

Meanwhile Peter and Emily have plowed ahead with completion of the report and presentation which is going to print today.

Tomorrow we present.

Wish us luck!


#IBMCSC India