Today was another day of strong emotions. We did our final presentation at Chatianya today where we have worked for the past month and I think we did an excellent job.


Peter and Emily were terrific to work with and clearly helped remind just how wonderful the people at IBM can be. The report we produced is very good and the recommendations are very sound in terms of advice in how best to allow Chaitanya to grow. I know we have done all we could in a month to help things along. The website is going, Hitesh has begun to regularly update it and Paypal is working well; there are even some small donations stating to flow in which over time and with the right marketing and promotion will build.

Still, I leave with a clear understanding that I’m leaving behind much unfinished business.

As the long shadows of the evening crept forward at the end of today, and as the last goodbyes calls from the children echoed in the street outside the center a sadness welled up in me.

The ride back the hotel in the Auto Rickshaw was a quiet one. Each of us, Peter, Emily and I deep in contemplation about what we had been able to do, what was still to be done, and what the lives of the wonderful children we had met and become friends with might become. As I expected I will be forever changed by this past month.

The challenges Hitesh, Kajal and Chaitanya are large as it competes with a host of other NGO’s and worthy causes for scarce financial resources. And while I wish I could have done more, I know that Kajal and Hitesh will work as hard as possible to continue to make Chaitanya a success that has a meaningful an lasting impact on the children.

And for me I leave this project hugely enriched by the experience. I have been reminded of some very important lessons. About How to do you best and then let go. About how to accept thing as they are when they can’t be changed. And about how the  good works of a few can impact so many; Kajal and Hitesh are so inspiring.



Today I took more pictures to remember the children’s faces once I come home from this strange land that has provided me so much enriched perspective. I’m including just a few here. They wont mean much to many of you since there was no way for you to fully walk this journey with me; but for Peter, Emily and I, but they are filled with fun, excitement and most importantly hope.


And to remind me that sometimes it is very important to look back – I know I will – this last snap:


For those that believe in a God please pray for Chaitanya that it can prosper and grow; for those that don’t believe in such a creator please send all you good thoughts instead.

Tomorrow I will go to the Sava presentation where I’m sure I’ll be be blown away by the work they have done to help plan out a Farm Co-operative that promises to have great benefit to the local farmers. Then on Friday, I board a plane and depart this home away from home and go back to Bombay. In leaving I leave behind my best thoughts and prayers for all the remarkable people I’ve met and learned from.

I’m excited to connect with Leah on Sunday in Delhi and get onto part 2 (the tour) of my adventure. I have missed her and I want to be able to share some time in India with her so she gets a understanding of this place too. It is indeed a remarkable country. Beautiful yet polluted. Chaotic and noisy yet peaceful. Truly a country of contrasts.

I’ll try to post a bit on my tour too, but given that I’m be in transit each day not sure how well that will work. At any rate hopefully reading this Blog has been interesting to all that made the effort.

Best wishes and love to all back home.